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Florida Aeronautics, Inc. specializes in the study, design and manufacture of HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and OLEO-PNEUMATIC maintenance equipment on all types of Airplanes and Helicopters for Civil, Commercial and Military Aviation.

Our productions focus on Digital Air/Hydraulic Tool Kits, Nitrogen Gas Boosters, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Mobile Nitrogen charging carts, Helicopter Skis, and Diabolo ground handling wheels. We also manufacture smaller products such as Pressure control devices, Hoses (HP, LP, Nitrogen, Oil, Purge, Skydrol), adapters, connectors, valves, and spare parts among other accessories. We service and replace all former SEFA material.

Our clients include international airlines, aircraft constructors, and government agencies that are based worldwide and have been using our material to complete all their aircraft maintenance needs for the past 30 years.

Our technical and marketing team are looking forward to assist you in English, French and Spanish
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